TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUMS & Tokyo University of the Arts Tobira Project

The Tobira Project is a social design project based in museums which fosters communities through art. The project comprises art communicators (called “Tobira” ) from all walks of life, curators and university educators, and experts working on the front line; together, these participants harness the museums’ cultural resources and develop activities that bring people closer to artworks, places, and other people. The Tobira Project began in 2012, prompted by the reopening of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, which teamed up with the Tokyo University of the Arts to launch the initiative.

Introduction From Education to Art Communication
Chapter 1 Forging Connections in Museums: The Tobira’s Activities
Chapter 2 The Museum as a Community-building Hub
Chapter 3 Quality Communication That Opens Doors in Society
Chapter 4 The Tobira Project’s Present and Future

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Curator, Chief of Learning and
Public Projects,
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Tatsuya ITO

Tatsuya ITO

Project Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts / Manager, Tobira Project and Museum Start i-Ueno

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