TOKYO METROPOLITAN ART MUSEUMS&Tokyo University of the Arts Tobira Project



Curator,Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,The Chief of Education and Public Programs

Inaniwa acquired her M.A. in Art History at Aoyama Gakuin University, and a second M.A. in Museum Communication at the University College London. After working as a part-time employee at the Tokyo National Museum, she received professional training at The British Museum for two years. Upon her return to Japan, she further involved herself in organizing exhibitions and programs in collaboration with local communities and schools through her position at The Museum of Modern Art, Kanagawa and Hayama. In 2011, she started working at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Her co-authored books include Hyakunin de Kataru Bijutsu-kan no Mirai [The Future Visions of Museums by a Hundred People] (Keio University Press, 2011).


Assistant Curator,
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

After experiences in the section of the organizing Public-Entry exhibitions, Kono became a member of the Education and Public Programs team in 2013. Within the Tobira Project, she primarily works on the Course on Architecture and on the Course on Art Appreciation.


Assistant Curator,
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

After ten years of work in the private sector, Kumagai went on to acquire her curatorial qualifications, and joined the team in 2013. Within Education and Public Programs, she coordinates art appreciation classes with schools through “iUeno School Programs”, which aim to enrich children’s first visits to museums.

Tomoko NAGAO

Program Officer, Museum Start i-Ueno, Project Research Associate,
Tokyo University of the Arts

Nagao joined the team in 2013 after working at the Sendai Cultural Foundation. Her focus is on expressive education, a field in which she pays particular attention to the nature of human body and performance art studies. She sees her everyday life as a small yet essential project to consider people’s way of living.


Program Officer, Museum Start i-Ueno

After finishing Ph.D. in education at Tohoku University, Watanabe assumed her new position as a program officer in this project from 2016. She researches visitor’s learning process in art museums, and explores appropriate frameworks for education practices in a field.


Archive Staff, Tobira Project, Project Researcher,
Tokyo University of the Arts

After graduating from university, Okumura joined the “Toride Art Project”, which takes place in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture. He has played a central role in the project for more than ten years, and he also practices art that is co-created along the others.

Katsuhiko HIBINO

Director,Tobira Project / Artist / Professor, School of Arts,
Tokyo University of the Arts

Beyond the works of art that he creates on his own, Hibino conducts workshops designed to produce art in collaboration with others, often incorporating unique characteristics of the local in which the work is generated. While focusing on the receptiveness of the recipient, he creates pieces that explore the function of art within society. Currently, he has a number of works in progress across Japan.

Tatsuya ITO

Manager, Tobira Project and Museum Start i-Ueno / Project Associate Professor,
Tokyo University of the Arts

Ito is involved with a number of art projects, such as “Forest Ark Art Project” in Aizu, Fukushima, for which he serves as director, and “Fukushima Geijutsu Keikaku x Art Support Tohoku-Tokyo,” a project that he manages.


Coordinator, Tobira Project,Project Research Associate,
Tokyo University of the Arts

Otani graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Inter Media Art in 2014. She assumed her current post after working as a project assistant for three years. Since as a university student, she has been administratively involved with a number of art projects and events, with a special focus on interdisciplinary human connections.

Chikako SUZUKI

Program Officer, Museum Start i-Ueno, Project Research Associate,
Tokyo University of the Arts

Suzuki joined the team in 2015 after working at The Museum of Modern Art, Kanagawa and Hayama. As a university student, she enjoyed volunteer work that allowed her to share with others the pleasure of making things with one’s own hands through the art of printmaking. She works to ensure that the museum is “a place where everyone feels comfortable and secure.”


Coordinator, Tobira Project, Project Researcher,
Tokyo University of the Arts

Sugai finished Ph.D. in museum studies at Ochanomizu University.
She joined the team in 2017 after working in the section of the education team at the Kawasaki City Museum. Her authored books include The Actual State of Citizens' Knowing in the Museum : Reconstruction of Commitment and Values (Gakubunsha, 2011).


Assistant,Tobira Project

Minegishi is in Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices. She joined the team in 2015 after experienced some researching contemporary arts and working or studying at several museums.Trying to search for the place around humans and the arts with Tobira.

Project Adviser


Adviser/ Planning director/Representative director of Living World

Nishimura’s work falls within three categories: creating, writing, and teaching. Thanks to his prior work in the field of architecture, he has planned and directed various design projects, such as building websites, creating museum installations, and installing media in public spaces. His books include Jibun no Shigoto wo Tsukuru [Making Your Own Job] (Shobun-sha), and Kakawari-kata no Manabi-kata [How to Learn How to Connect] (Chikumashobo Ltd).

Tsukasa MORI

Adviser / Director, Tokyo Art Point Project,Arts Council Tokyo

Mori is the Director of “Tokyo Artpoint Project”, an initiative that articulates and disseminates the many charms of the city of Tokyo by connecting the city’s citizens, neighborhoods, and activities together through art. By working collaboratively with organizations in a variety of fields, he has realized a number of art programs in which artists and townspeople work together.