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The instructor for the 2nd Foundation Course, titled “The Power of Listening,” was Mr. Yoshiaki Nishimura. The agenda he prepared for us is below.
・What does it mean to “not listen”?
・What does it mean to “listen”? And what results from it?
・Looking toward future of the TOBI Gateway Project (summary)

At first, the TOBIRA candidates were paired up and split into roles A and B.
Next, A and B each got directions from Mr. Nishimura, but they did not know the other’s instructions. For A, the instructions were, “Please convey with emotion to B something that recently made you.” For B, the instructions were displayed on a screen secretly from A.

For a few minutes, A tries very hard to tell her story, but B pretends to be concentrating on listening while his mind is somewhere else. Eventually, A becomes less and less able to speak to B. Participants realized that time goes so much slower when trying very hard to talk to a person who is not listening. You would have thought that there is an advantage to being the person who talks (the one who delivers the information), but we noticed that, in reality, the behavior of the listener (the one who receives the information) has a great deal of influence on the speaker.

Participants shared their thoughts and feelings on this experience by exchanging opinions in small groups. We swapped out group members several times and continued to practice this scenario. I thought this 4-hour Foundation Course was a good opportunity for the TOBIRA candidates to get to know their fellow members, many of whom were talking to each other for the first time. The power of listening, which enables deepened communication, is truly an important ability for Art Communicators. When we establish relationships where we can precisely draw out, receive and share what the other person is saying, the TOBI Gateway Project will become a more creative place. (Itō)


・話を〈きく〉とは? また、それによって生まれるものは?





初回基礎講座や、リニューアル開館記念式典などを無事に乗り越え、とびらプロジェクトも少しずつ波に乗ってきました。4月22日の「とびラボ」では、東京藝術大学 先端芸術表現科の博士課程に在籍している佐藤悠君に講師として来て頂き、ワークショップを通してとびラー候補生同士の交流が行われました。佐藤悠君のワークショップは、「いちまいばなし」→「いちまいはた」→「いちまいがたり」とワークショップ連鎖の3段組。3時間の長丁場でしたが、さすがはとびラー候補生たち、なかなかの仕上がりです。




Having successfully completed the Initial Foundation Course and the Renovation Memorial Ceremony, etc., the TOBI Gateway Project is gradually getting on the right track. At the TOBI Lab on April 22, we had Yū Sato, who is enrolled in the Doctorate program at the Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Intermedia Art, come as an instructor to interact with the TOBIRA candidates. Yu Sato’s workshop was structured in a three layer progression: “Single Page Story” → “Single Sheet Flag” → “Single Sheet Tale.” It was a 3-hour long marathon event, but as expected, the TOBIRA candidates handled it well.

The TOBI Gateway Project is a large organization of over 90 people, making it rather difficult for the TOBIRA candidates to make time to talk to each other in a relaxed environment. For this reason, we created the TOBI Lab to provide a time and place for them to freely use to get to know each other on a deeper level.

From April to June, the TOBI Lab makes the Art Study and Project rooms available on weekend afternoons (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) when the Foundation Courses are not held. Users can come and go freely. If there is someone else around when you swing by, it is fine to chat or take a look at the exhibits together. We hope this will be used as a space for free communication where the TOBIRAs can create networks with each other. They are Art Communicators, so communication must first begin amongst members of the same group of TOBIRAs who are most familiar with one other. (Itō)









The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Renovation Memorial Ceremony was held. The TOBIRA candidates stood with the Memorial Ceremony staff in the reception area and handed out art connectors (for details, please refer to the April 14, 2012 posting) to all those in attendance.

The TOBIRA candidates put art connectors around each person’s neck. There were some who felt a little uncomfortable, but everyone wore the art connectors cheerfully.

During the Ceremony and the party afterwards, everyone participated wearing their art connectors. The communication that arises from everyone putting on the same thing and sharing the same space is relaxing even amidst the glitz. It was a very pleasant time.

At the party, Katsuhiko Hibino explained the art connectors and talked about the activities of the TOBIRA Project going forward. What’s more, the TOBIRA candidates appeared carrying buckets. Inside were four types of additional rare pins.

The TOBIRA candidates had great success when they took the buckets with the rare pins inside and distributed them to everyone. The pins generated many conversations.

After the Memorial Ceremony, we had a quick review meeting with Katsuhiko Hibino in the project room. With a little creativity, there was a slight change in awareness. This resulted in a valuable experience that generated significant communication. TOBIRAs, you did an excellent job at your first big task! (Itō)






After three days of screening, 68 Art Communicator candidates were chosen. Including the 26 people who applied and had previously volunteered at the “Special Art Viewing Event for the Disabled,” we started off with a total of 94 Art Communicator candidates (TOBIRA Candidates).

There was nearly five times the amount of applications compared to the 68 chosen candidates. The applicants all had high motivation and awareness, so it was a difficult journey to choose the candidates. We ask for your understanding in that we had to give consideration to age, gender, and team balance when making our choices.

The TOBI Gateway Project had its real start on April 14th. From now, it will continue into Foundation Courses and Practical Application Courses. This blog will be uploaded from time to time about the TOBIRA’s activities, of course, as well as show things like the TOBIRAs at a TOBI exhibition, the restaurant, the café, and the Tokyo University of the Arts which is on the grounds next to us.
I hope you will continue to support the TOBI Gateway Project! (Itō)




The 1st Foundation Course of the TOBI Gateway Project was held. It was the first gathering of the TOBIRA candidates. In the morning we had orientation. The staff introduced themselves, the annual schedule was confirmed, and other things.

In the afternoon there was preparation of Katsuhiko Hibino’s program, “Art Connector,” for the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Renovation Memorial Ceremony. “Art Connector” is a workshop associated with “Promoting Communication through Art,” the new principle of art communication that the Museum is working on. The artist Katsuhiko Hibino designed pins about themes like the Museum’s history and activities, and the TOBIRA candidates got together to finish off the name tag holders to which the pins were attached.

The candidates did a strict completion check on each other, and 500 art connectors were successfully completed.
With everyone at the Renovation Memorial Ceremony putting on the art connectors, there will be a sense of unity, which will create the bustle found only in a museum (a place where new values are created). I hope that communication will develop amongst all. (Itō)